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Infinity Leadership Consulting was founded to inspire and equip individuals and organizations to achieve maximum leadership capability and impact.

To empower people to develop and advance personal and organizational leadership acumen to achieve greater results.

To develop a leader-learning organization that fosters sustainable leadership based solutions.

About Dr. Kenneth Morton

Dr. Kenneth Morton is an accomplished business leader, author, entrepreneur, coach, public speaker and mentor. He is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Infinity Leadership Consulting, LLC.

Throughout his career, he has held several leadership roles and gained extensive leadership experience across three Fortune 500 companies. He consistently engages with others to assist through coaching and mentoring for success. Dr. Morton believes in the power of what people are able to accomplish when they are committed to success and ready to take the necessary steps to reach successful outcomes. He has earned a bachelors in finance, a masters in human resource management and a doctorate in business with a concentration in leadership. He is an Advanced Toastmaster, a certified coach and has led many diversity and inclusion initiatives in the community and within corporate space.

Dr. Morton is passionate about igniting greatness in others and in organizations!

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